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PHC in the woods

'...I very much look forward to hearing more songs from Psychedelic Hearts Club...

Love what you've both presented so far..!'

Bill Roberts - Hammerstone Mastering, Birmingham, Alabama USA


We are influenced and inspired by The Beatles Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album, electric blues artists from T-Bone Walker onwards, Cream and other 70’s psychedelic bands and early soul & R&B hits

The band started in Brighton in 2015 and have played venues and festivals in UK, France & Spain

(To keep live volume to manageable levels PHC play live as a duo with backing tracks recorded at their Planet Zog studio in West Sussex)


Simon Tittley

After a chaotic childhood travelling all over the world Simon AKA The Jam Man, started playing guitar at the age of eleven and playing in bands a few years later.

While attending drama school in the early seventies he was encouraged by Wrecking Crew guitarist Barney Kessel to study technique, reading and music theory. After leaving education in 1976 he began working as an actor and guitar player.

In the eighties he worked as a songwriter and producer for WEA International in Bangkok, Thailand.

He was signed to an American indie label during the early nineties and played all over the East Coast of the USA. Since then he has worked as a producer developing new artists and as a musician in theatre.

Simon formed PHC in 2015 after he was encouraged to return to live music by American fusion guitarist Larry Coryell.


Susie Wellings

Born at London's infamous modernist Dolphin Square landmark, Susie studied piano and dance from the age of five and at six began playing a bamboo pipe she had made as a school project.

Her father, record producer and entrepreneur Bill Wellings, founded the 60’s Hot Hits label. Susie remembers attending sessions with him where top UK session musicians Big Jim Sullivan, Jimmy Page and Reginald Dwight (Elton John) played on domestic cover versions of top international hits.

She studied at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts during the early seventies and had a formative singing experience appearing with a choir at the Royal Festival Hall in 1971. At thirteen she began studying the flute.

Susie later joined the Esher Youth Theatre Group appearing with them at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1975. She went on to study jazz ballet at Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden.


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